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"Individualized Support in a Compassionate Community"

Parker Oaks
Nursing Services
Parker Oaks is an assisted living community that offers many amenities and also Nursing Services.  These services are here so that our residents are very comfortable and can rely on our caregivers to provide them with the care they require.

 Nursing Services Provided

  • Medication administration
  • Bathing / showering
  • Assistance with dressing / grooming
  • Assistance / direction with medical needs
  • One site nurse daily
  • Assistance with oxygen, glucometer checks, insulin injections, and treatments
  • Consulting with physicians and other caregivers
  • Assist with medical transportation
  • Hopsice available

Meet our Licensed Practical Nurse
Susan Johnson

When Susan Johnson, LPN, was asked what she likes best about working with seniors, she replied, "I like their honesty and forthrightness.  They carry a rich history and experience and I love when they share their stories.  I enjoy being able to help them in simple ways such as visiting or using my nursing skills when needed."

Susan has worked with seniors since her teen years as a CNA.  She took a break after having children but returned to being a CNA when they returned to high school.  Susan has a special needs daughter which helped her cement her desire to become a nurse. 

Born in Brooklyn, NY, she moved to New Jersey as a preteen and then her father was transferred to the midwest.  Susan is the oldest of two girls and her sister is also a nurse.

Susan attended Coastal Community College in Jacksonville, NC for her Paramedic License and also attended SE Technical College in Red Wing, MN where she achieved her credits to test for the LPN boards.  She has volunteered with the Salvation Army of Fairmont, MN and Red Wing, MN.

She has five grown children and four happy, healthy and thriving grandchildren.  Being a grandmother is the best. She lives with her sweetheart Carl, a Bullmastiff dog, Amy, and two cats.

When not working with the residents at Parker Oaks, Susan loves swimming, crafts, drawing, painting, baking, walking, fishing, and gardening.  She also enjoys thrift stores and garage sales where she looks for items to refinish.  

If you would like to visit with Susan,  please give her a call at 507-893-3171 or email her at nurse@parkeroaks.com.  She would like to hear from you.

Meet our Assisted Living Registered Nurse
Ann Krause

 When asked what she likes best about working with seniors, Ann replied "Their stories as they lived during a time when normal life was much different than now and their experiences, struggles, successes, and sadness are a part of what has made them who they are.  Their story seasons out lives in wonderful ways."

Growing up in Winnebago and graduating from Winnebago high school, Ann graduated from Rochester Community College.  She was involved in Baptist Home & ABHM Parker Oaks for 20 years.  She then took time off to have children,  grandchildren and then got lonesome for working with seniors and came back to work part time. 

Ann has been involved in community theater, music, and church.  She also enjoys fishing, walking, gardening, singing and piano.  Being married to David for 37 years, they have 3 children and 10 grandchildren.  Living on a farm she enjoys her family tremendously. As Ann puts it, "we are truly blessed."

If you would like to visit with Ann, please give her a call at 507-893-3171.


Meet our Assisted Living RN
Sharry Rathman

When asked what she likes best about working with seniors, Sharry replied, "What I like best is how much I learn from them.  Elders have a wealth of knowledge to share.  I enjoy providing important care to a deserving population."

Sharry started working in long term care initially in the laundry and housekeeping department 25 years ago. She then went on for her CNA and eventually her LPN and then her RN degree.  Sharry spent 5 years in a small rural hospital, but kept returning to long term care and home care.  She worked as a nurse manager, a floor supervisor, and also as a housing director before accepting the position with Parker Oaks.

Sharry grew up in Galveston, Texas (1976-1993) where she graduated from Santa Fe ISD  and moved to Minnesota in the fall of 1993 to be near her maternal grandmother.  She then attended Minnesota West Community and Technical College in Worthington, MN.

She is married and has two teenage daughters and one stepson.  Sharry enjoys football (MN Vikings), high school basketball, fishing, camping and gardening.  She also has a love for animals which includes a small collection of 3 horses, 3 dogs, 5 cats and vaious chickens and ducks.

If you would like to visit with Sharry, she can reach her at 507-893-3171.  Sharry is at Parker Oaks on Mondays.